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Hopefully, because you want to be a millionaire! You're here because you’re ready to better yourself, your life and your future. You’re here to discover a new career that will take you further than your wildest dreams. Perhaps you are a bit lost, a new grad or just someone looking for a better living. Help is here!

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10 Module E-Course complete with LinkedIn Training & Tips

As a recruiter, LinkedIn will be your new best friend. For that reason, I've dedicated 2 modules and countless templates to making you a power-user in under an hour! 

Email Templates You Can Use

I make it so simple, literally anyone could be a recruiter with my course and the resources I provide.

Step by Step Instructional Videos

This course will teach you the step by step process on how to be a superstar tech recruiter, 10x your commission, and close more deals.

I'll teach you how to find and foster the most talented candidates, to cement your value as a recruiter.

Bullseye Targeting of the Right Candidates

Secret & Effective Strategies that Work

You’ll learn how to get more candidates, coach them through interviews, and negotiate offers for them.

Module 1

I guarantee my E-course is not just theory, it is full of real help and solid guidance. I love recruiting and I continue to recruit every day. I stay in the thick of the pulse and changes in the industry. Everything you’ll learn from me will bring you the success I’ve had – and perhaps even greater success.


Contact Templates You Can Use

What's easier than copy & paste? It's a student's dream come true, and I actually encourage it.

More Downloadable Content

Videos, templates and blogs you can actually keep and access forever. Once you buy the course, it's all yours.

The 10 Module E-Course

So if what you’ve read has ignited your imagination to all the possibilities, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s get working so you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible, faster than you ever thought possible!

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